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Manage Grades & Assignments Easily

Instantly determine grades based on the assignments, subjects, classes and categories you enter. Precisely calculate GPA and display relevant student statistics with beautiful graphs.

The app provides a comprehensive support to world’s most used grading scales (letter grades, percents, points).

Track Attendance Quickly

With over 4 options to mark student´s attendance, you can choose the way works best for you.

Our unique Augmented Reality feature provides a convenient visual option where you simply put down your student’s position (with photos) in class and visually record participation and access each student data with a few taps.

Communicate Effectively

Easily provide parent updates with student progress. You may send personalized information by e-mail with grades, annotations or files.


Document & Evaluate Student Behavior

Take notes on relevant behavior or events by linking text or annotations, files, images, record audio and video to a student or class record. Export and share all notes if needed.

Hassle-free data and reports

Conveniently create handy attendance, grades and students’ information reports. A preview of any report is available before you share by email or export to PDF.


Keep Your Data Safe

Import and export your most crucial information at any time and back it up conveniently with Google Drive.

Get organized and enjoy teaching with more time, less stress & happier classroom. Download iGrade for Teacher Today!

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