Zysco Reveals iGrade for Teachers 4.0: Now with a Revamped Design and Streamlined Navigation.

by / Sunday, 23 June 2013 / Published in Press Release
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Zysco is proud to announce the introduction of the new and improved version of their widely loved grade book and attendance app: iGrade for Teachers. Released on Itunes today, this new edition has a more powerful and intuitive user interface, including unparalleled features to help teachers spend more time doing what they love to do, teach.

iGrade for Teachers is much more than the old standby paper attendance/grade book could ever hope to be. Besides recording grades and attendance, iGrade will easily organize all student data and calculate the most meaningful statistics with its convenient reporting and export functionalities.

Its efficient messaging attributes also help improve the communication between teachers, parents and students. Educators may easily share notes or photos of class work, trips, or information about assignments, tests or student behavior. Many teachers have found that being able to timely share vital information with their students through this app increases student enthusiasm and performance.

In addition, iGrade for Teacher simplifies the process to keep the student´s records accurate and complete, including the option to add notes, photos, videos, and audio files. All files can then be backed up on Google Drive, for increased security and flexibility for data management and sharing.

Zysco invites educators to save time and streamline their paperwork by putting their classroom into the 21st century with iGrade for Teacher.  The app can be downloaded on itunes for just 4.99 or at igradeforteachers.com

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