Imaginary Skateboarding and Keeping Students Excited and Engaged

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Keeping students engaged can be a difficult task today, especially when the instructor is concerned about maintaining high energy levels over long periods of time. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to address these concerns. One of which is incorporating imaginary skateboarding in order to achieve these objectives.

With imaginary skateboarding included during certain time frames, instructors can teach the students a wide variety of different techniques. From showing the students basic movements to taking the thrill-seeking students thru various skateboarding tricks to enhance their balance and strength, instructors can assist their students with building and maintaining their energy throughout long classes sessions. Here’s some basic examples of what should be covered to keep these class sessions alive.

Introducing these fun activities properly is one of the keys to getting students excited about these imaginary rides. So, it is important for each instructor to know how to get everyone started. For instance, the instructor should have all of the kids stand with one of their hands on their desk or the wall, while also placing one of their feet on an imaginary skateboard. Once the class has mastered this position, the next step in this energy game is to slowly brush the top of the floor with the other foot. Each person can be instructed to start off very slow and then they can pick up speed as they wish.

As the students begin to become comfortable with acting this part of the imaginary skateboarding activity out, the instructor should ask the students to determine what kind of ride that they have decided to take. In some cases, the students may decide to travel to their home at a leisurely pace or they may choose to race with another skateboarder. Whatever the situation, the students can also describe what they see as the skateboards glides up hills and onto residential streets. By doing these exercises, students can exercise mentally as they also remain fresh and excited for the remaining class session.




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