LEGO Bricks are toys. They’re items that students willingly seek out to play with and get excited to receive as gifts under the Christmas tree. That’s one of the things that make them so useful to teachers. Lessons taught using LEGO Bricks don’t feel like dull schoolwork. On the contrary, students might feel like they’re

  iGrade, the Apple iOS GradeBook, just released a new powerful Collaboration Feature empowering the communication between Teachers, Students and Parents After the iGrade team interviewed numerous School Software experts, a common theme came back: Collaboration between Teachers, Students and Parents is key to a successful education. Information needs to flow quickly and efficiently, the

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COLORFUL PENS My favorite pens for chart paper are Mr. Sketch. I’ve tried a few others but none of them are quite the same. The colors are vibrant and one pack lasts all year! Except for black. However, several years ago, I discovered that I could order just the black! Whoo-hoo. Now, I have a

It is okay to plan assignments that you aren’t going to grade. Be nice to your custodians. They deal with enough crap already. And vomit. Set firm boundaries between home life and work life, even if other teachers tell you it’s impossible. Use some of your sick days. Use them for rest. Use them to

Think back to when you were in school – did you have any teachers that were just, well, to be honest, bad teachers? Or maybe there’s some teachers you know now who are just simply not that effective. It’s certainly not our job to point fingers or critique others, but what we absolutely should do

Teachers deal with disruptive behavior on a daily basis; so, they have to develop ways to manage their classroom in order to properly educate their students. Teachers, have you ever been faced with a classroom management problem? This can be very common for both the beginner and experienced teacher. Being able to implement new ideas

A teacher role is to educate and inspire. We have collected our favorite quotes regarding teachers and education. We hope you enjoy this collection. If you have a great one that is not included here, please share your favorite quote on the comments area! “Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk