The Role of Assessment in Education


Assessment is very important to the education process. Assessment is used to gauge a student’s performance from one point in time to another. Teacher and parents use these scores to judge where a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses are. Then, they can make informed decisions on what course of education will be best for the student.

The community and the state also use these test scores to get an idea if the schools are educating to the best of their ability. Testing is very important for the student and the institution administering the test. Educational assessment represents a commitment to high academic standards. It is important that the schools are held accountable for what they are teaching and if they need to try different teaching avenues. If the schools are not kept in check teachers end up teaching the test and only teaching for results and not the actual learning of the student. Today’s high-tech, fast paced world requires students to learn many skills.

Most of these skills often require real world experience and training that traditional schools just don’t offer today. Skills needed today include teamwork, collaboration, multi-tasking, a strong academic background and social/people skills. These are traits that are looked for by employers in today’s job market. There are many forms of assessment that are known to test more accurate than others. Many states are beginning to incorporate newer performance-based assessments into their curriculum. They are also using different kinds of assessment vehicles such as student portfolios and presentations to get a more well-rounded assessment of the students’ abilities.

These alternative forms of testing make students apply what is learned in actual world situations. All the multiple forms of assessment are geared so students are able to receive immediate feedback. Also, the teacher is able to correct the course of study if the student doesn’t respond well to the first course of study. Like this goes for students doing well in a subject. The assessment will call for more challenging course work.