Adding and Managing Assignments and Grades

Adding an Assignment

To add an Assignment, follow these steps:

To create a Class, follow these steps:

Step 1. Select Assignments





Step 2. Tap on the Icon on the header to view menu options

Step 3. Select Add new option from the menu




Step 4. Start by Entering following information:

Notes (optional)






Igrade for Teacher helps you quickly record grades based on the assignments, subjects, classes and categories you enter. Now you will be able to calculate precisely student´s GPA and display relevant student statistics with beautiful graphs.
To create and manage the assignments or test:

Step 5. Tap on Assignments




Step 6. Tap on the Icon on the header to view menu options






Enter the Title (first field) and the following fields:
• Subject
• Category
• Class,
• Default Grade and Weight

Note: Remember to setup your assignment category types on the Settings Module. This will help you classify the assignments on tests, quizzes, homework and the like and manage the details conveniently.

Refer: Step 4 in Adding an Assignment section

Select the default Grade; this is important as it will set the Grade type for this assignment. You have the choice between 7 types including Percentages, A to F or Even Money that you can use to track Subscriptions or Participations.
In order to setup the weight of the assignment you have several options to choose from:
• Equal Weight which will automatically assign the same weight for each test with the same subject
• Custom Weight to assign a custom weight for the test
• TPG: Grade based on the total possible number of points
• Extra Credit: for adding points without changing the total possible points or number of grades

Step 7. Select the type of Weight that fits best. If you are not sure, we recommend choosing Equal Weight. It will divide the weight equally between all tests of the same Subject and Class

Assigning a Grade to Student
In order to assign grade to your students, you can choose to start from the Student list or the Assignment list and access the Grades, you can then easily assign your grades and use the Blue Arrow Shortcuts to access the given Assignment or Student

Duplicating an Assignment
In order to duplicate an assignment, select the Actions Button and select the option “Duplicate”




Step 8. The new Assignment now shows on the list. It is exactly the same but has the word “Copy” at the end of the description and no Grades assigned.