Adding and Managing Students

Adding and Managing Students with IGrade is very easy.
It allows you to add your students and view them in the as
in their classroom positions using Augmented Reality view.

Adding Student

To add a student, follow these steps:

Step 1. Tap on Students

Step 2. Tap on the Icon on the header to view menu options

Step 3. Select Add new option from sub menu





Start by Entering the student´s last name, name, and all relevant information




Step 4.To add a picture, go to “Info”.






Step 5.Press on the Picture Thumbnail Icon

Step 6. A sub menu appears with following options:
• Take Photo
• Take Existing Photo

Step 7.Select a picture in your existing pictures or Take a Live Photo

Step 8.Prepare your list of Students one class at a time

Step 9. While entering the information the format should be:

First Name {Space} Last Name {Space} Email {Space} Phone Number




Note: Make sure that there is only one list per class and only one
Student per line. You may add as many lines as needed.

Step 10. If you have First Names or Last Names composed of 2
Words, place a dash in between.

Importing a List of Student
From the Students List, select the Menu on the left and choose “Import”,
then choose the class you would like to import the students into.






Step 1.Paste your list of Students.

Step 2.Once completed Press “Done”

Step 3.Your new Students are now showing
in your list of students




Step 4. In order to complete your student´s profile you should tap
on each student profile and insert the relevant information

Step 5. If you want to contact a targeted group of students, you may
apply the search or filter options on the upper menu and select Email All
Students. The email will be sent to only those students showing in the search result.

Tracking attendance
Igrade for teacher helps you keep track of attendance using intuitive functionalities and the option of a revolutionary Augmented Reality view.

Step 1.To track of attendance start by tapping on the picture of the relevant a student profile on the student’s module






Step 2. Select the Attendance tab on the bottom Menu.

Step 3. A tap on the green checkmark will mark the student as present




If the student is late you may choose the yellow exclamation mark; or the red dash if the student is absent.






Step 4. By default, all attendance information is recorded using your device
current date and time for higher accuracy. You can see the current full
attendance track on the bottom half of the screen.

Step 5. Tap the reset arrow, in the case removing all
attendance information is needed, which will reset the counters
to zero for that specific student.




Step 6. The on/off button “Go to the next Student Automatically” will take
you to the next Student of the same class until all Students are exhausted.

Step 7. In order to take relevant attendance notes, tap on the given
attendance record and add your notes. You may also take notes on relevant
behavior or events by linking text or annotations, files, images, record
audio and video to any student.






Step 8. An Attendance Event can be individually deleted. You may edit the date and name at any time.




The Attendance Events will be available in the export data from the export options menu.

Using Filters

You can use filters to manage data. It allows you to retrieve specific records based on various filter options as shown in the image below:






Select the filter option if you want to view student list of 3rd Grade, it will quickly filter all the student records and display only students of 3rd grade A.




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