Recover/Backup Restore

With Igrade for Teacher you can keep all your data safe and in control. On this tutorial we will show you how to backup and export your classroom data.

We strongly recommend that you schedule weekly backups (especially if you have a large amount of data) Also, remember to backup and archive your data regularly (every semester for instance) to avoid overloading the application

Step 1. In order to back up your data on the Cloud, go to the Settings Module and select Backup





Step 2. You will need a Google Doc Account already established. Enter your Account ID and Password and choose a name for the Google Doc Folder




Step 3. Insert the name of the backup and complete the process. A success message will indicate when the Backup is complete.






Step 4.After the backup, you can now
proceed with a Restore.

: The restore will erase all previous data from your device
without possibility to retrieve the information.

retrieve the information.
Step 5. You can use the Backup/Restore Functionality to synchronize
2 iOs Devices. Simply do a backup on the first device and then a
restore on the second Device
Follow the same directions to export your data from the Export Module.

Step 6. The Exported data will then show in your Google Doc Drive.
Edit, Print or Share the information using the Google Drive Functionalities.

Step 7. A spreadsheet or text document will be created for each
item which you can edit directly on google docs.




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