Reviewing the Statistics

In order to visually track attendance, you may use our unique Augmented Reality Feature.
Step 1. Start by tapping on the “Augmented Reality Icon” from the Students Module

Step 2. From this view, you can insert a real picture of your classroom and drag and drop students to their seats. To add the picture of your classroom, tap on the menu and then Actions. You will be able to choose an existing photo or take a live one.

Step 3. To add a new student, tap on the menu and use the plus sign

Step 4. Simply add students to your classroom by taping and holding. Move them to the desired position.

Step 5. By tapping on a student´s picture, you will be able to see a quick profile summary, including average GPA, absences, tardies and number of tests. You can also track attendance or access further details.





From the top right corner menu, you will be able
to access an attendance record List for quick entry.




Step 6.In order to mark the student´s
presence, simply tap on the respective row and column.

Step 7.The arrow available on the far right column,
will give you access to the student´s full profile,
back in the student´s module.

Step 8.In order to review the student’s grades and
statistics, first make sure all the Tests are graded.

Step 9.Then, go to the Students Module and select a Student,
you can then select Grades to review the entire given student
grades or Statistics to access aggregated information:

On this view you will be able to get a glance of:

Each student´s GPA (Grade Point Average) and class rank,

Attendance counter (including presences, tardies and absences)

Events Tracking

Number of Assignments Graded

Sum of the Graded assignments weight






Step 10.You can also view graphical
representation of Student’s Attendance, Grades and
GPA by tapping on Statistics tab in Student Module.

: The restore will erase all previous data from
your device without possibility to retrieve the information.

Step 11. Select the Student in Student list you want to
view the statistics for.

In order to easily navigate between Assignment And Students,
you can use the blue arrows to toggle between an assignment and
a student. The blue arrow will take you directly to the
corresponding Student or Assignment.




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