Settings Feature in IGrade allows you to setup your classes and Subjects. The items you define on this area will be the main framework to manage your class data.

Creating Classes, Subjects and Events

To create a Class, follow these steps:

Step 1. Select the Settings and tap on the Classes tab.





Step 2. Select the + icon on the header area in order to insert as many classes as you need.

Step 3. After creating the classes, you will be able to assign them to each of your students and filter and sort as needed in order to manage your data efficiently and save time.

To add the Subject:

Step 1. Select the settings tab and tap on the Subject tab.




Step 2.Select the + icon on the header area in order to insert as many subjects as you need.






Step 3.The Subject will be added and the
Subject list will get updated




Step 4. Do the same to add events






Setting up PassCode.

In order to prevent unauthorized
access to the app you may want to
set up a
PassCode. .

To set up a passcode:

Step 1. Select Passcode from Settings




Step 2.Enter the 4 digits, a combination of numbers in New Passcode and confirm it by re-entering it in Confirm Code


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